Welcome to Riverwood Kennel

Riverwood is a small familial Kennel of quality irish red setter for pets dog, show dog, obedience ....

I breed rarely; aiming to improve this wonderful breed and for this I spend a lot of time planning each litter

For the best
Selective Breeding
I strives to produce with healthy parents and with superbe typical temperament !
Planning is everything
I spend a lot of time planning each litters, studying pedigree, health etc ...
More than a passion
My dogs are firstly family members who all have a privileged place in the house (on the couch).
Me and Irish setter

Since several years Irish Setters have been part of my life. The love and complicity that we share has been transformed into a true passion.

Dog Shows

My dogs have consistently achieved fabulous results under national and International judges that's why I am very proud of they achievement BEST IN SHOW SPECIALTY, GROUP WINNER, UK , BELGIAN, DUTCH, GERMAN, LUXEMBOURG, SWISS CHAMPION ... and many more award : TOP IRISH SETTER, BUNDESIEGER, EUROPASIEGER ... 

Meet my dogs !
Have a look at Scott, Moon, Neil, little cocker Elisa and my deeply missed girls ...
my dogs